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TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD is a Los Angeles institution after arriving in LA in 1976 she began a promoter of the Punk Rock, New Wave and Reggae bands in Los Angeles. She helped found New Wave Theatre the first Los Angeles television show featuring the young LA Alternative movement introducing the world to bands like X, The Blasters, Psi om pre Jane's addition, 45 Grave, Was not Was and more. Through the years she has advised and booked bands like Doppleganger, Near Death Experience, Tool, Green Jello, Nina Hagen and Bad Manners. She writes for a number of publications Punk Globe 1980-2009, Rock City News 1984-2009, Dude Magazine 1989, Overture 1994, Venice 1986-1990, Lost Anarchy 2009, Buzzbin 2008. Tequila is also a Top Visible Actress see her IMDB .Tequila has sung with a number of projects and has been a music supervisor for a number of films and Hosts the COCKTAIL HOUR, HOLLYWOODLAND and MARY JANES MEDICAL MARIJUANA HOUR . Tequila is a Celebrity Host featured on the Karma Radio Network.

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Cocktail Hour Guest Stars, Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, X, Gwar, Sophie B Hawkins, Illeana Douglas, Noel L, Chris Markowski, Michael Lohan, Jessica Collins, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Ceci Bastida, Jules of fem2fem, Arrica Rose, Lisa Hodsoll, JK Coltrain, Kirsten Vogelsang, Carmita Barroso, Tequila Mockingbird, Ceci Bastida, Michael Twitty, Sparhuese, Wing Woman Tours Las Vegas, Benita Zahn, Die Pretty, MiMi Gonzalez, Alberto De Almar, Shelly Michelle, Nina Martinez, Soda & His Mighty Robot, United Way, Leathermouse, 100 Proof, State Line Mob, Christine Lanois, Shooting Stars of Las Vegas, Cash Farrar, Designer Terri King...Just to name a few and many more to Guest Star!
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Creator of KRN, is a self proclaimed philosopher, comedian, composer, artist, dog lover, professional world poker tournament player, author, singer, songwriter, voice over, Co owner of Leo Dynasty and Celebrity Host for Karma Radio Network.
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Executive Producer for KRN, is a Academy Nominated and ASCAP Awarded Composer. Classically trained since the age of 4, She is an accomplished Singer-Songwriter, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Pianist, Bassist and drummer. Deita is also a National Commercial Voice Over. In 1993, Deita established Talamasca Music Publishing ASCAP. She then went on to be commissioned to compose Title Signature Theme music tracks for UPN, FOX, PLAYBOY CHANNEL, Sci-Fi, CBS and More! Her Commercials to include Miller Beer, United Airlines, Sheraton Hotels, UPN and FOX. Deita Klaus music is heard worldwide! Deita Klaus & LEO DYNASTY also sponsor Make A Wish Foundation. As Dawn La Rue, she created and was the brainchild of great bands such as Idol Worship, Near Death Experience and Surrendur Dorothi. Deita Klaus is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Rivera Amps and APC Pickups. Deita is also thankful for the love of her wife. Deita's set sail for LEO DYNASTY to advance and continue to attain a multi media facility with one stop shopping for Music, Film, TV, Commercial, Voice Over, Radio, Internet and to promote Love, to Serve and to Give to all who want, dream and love this God given Gift of Music.Deita is ENDORSED by DAISY ROCK, RIVERA & SEYMOUR DUNCAN.
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Just Plain BOB is a Pacific Northwest native my “wonder years” spent in Portland, Or. Dad was a radio dj and sportscaster. I was forever changed by a few records, all “novelty” the Spike Jones album, “Dinner Music for People Who Aren’t Very Hungry” a masterpiece of absurdity. Plus “Purple people eater” & “The Witchdoctor”. Saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Started life long obsession with growing my hair to piss authority figures off. Started cheesy teenage combo called “The Hardtimes” played organ, played a few “battle of the bands”. Saw The Beatles live in 1965, saw The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan in 1966. Moved to Seattle in 1967. No more bands, but tons of shows, flash forward to 1979, played 3rd bass for The Adults soon to become The Colorplates with Tom Dyer of Green Monkey Records fame. We broke up, I played bass with them, moved to rhythm guitar and recorded and released 500 copies of my solo 45 “Bombsights Over Amerika” b/w “Black Leather”. Joined Neo-Psyche band Liquid Generation. Together one year, I put out a 45 of us with a couple of my songs “I Love You” b/w “1/4 To Zen”. A pop classic is born. These songs are still out there, highly collectable. I met Tequila in I think 1982 or ’83. When I was in The Colorplates we used to take beer break and do a Ouija board. And one time it said that we were going to ;play a gig with a band called “Brainiac”. Ok, never happened, band is broken up, I’m in L.A. visiting brother, looking for show to go to, see ad for the Whiskey, who’s playing??? You guessed it “The Brainiacs”. Lead singer? Tequila Mockingbird. Flash forward to 1989 I move to Hollywood, 1st person I run into at Zatars bar is Tequila, within a couple years we are doing The Cocktail Hour for The Becker Satellite Radio Network, a pirate network at that. I work in radio, behind the scenes, start doing sound design for small L.A. theatre, win a couple of awards. Yadda yadda. Re-hook back up with Tequila, soon more Cocktail Hours to follow on Karma Radio Network.
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"Unafraid to express her candid views, Carrie has proven herself as a woman who will not let her voice be compromised" In her own words: I worked as a buyer/merchandiser for 13 years. She ran and organized an annual ski show and helped organize the annual golf tournament and Christmas parties. She has been a stylist for 3 years in a busy salon, but most recently went on my own independently working @ GLOW HAIR STUDIO. A Board Member of The United Way and Celebrity Waitress for the annual dinner. Substitute teach Cosmetology at HFM Boces. Radio shows I've been a host on: Express Yourself, Goodmorning Mohawk Valley and is now a Celebrity Co Host for Karma RadioNetwork.
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Was born and raised in Upstate NY. She resides there with her husband and three children. She has been a NYS Real Estate Salesperson for many years while pursuing her own purse and craft business, which she is still running. In her spare time, Marybeth loves to bake, spend time with her family, paint, and make unique crafts. Photography is another hobby she enjoys. Her taste in music has a wide range, and she enjoys various genres and now Mb is a Celebrity Co Host for Karma Radio Network.
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Consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam